Settings for TorTags and Kunena integration

Inctructions: TorTags configuration for Kunena


Step 1.

Configuration for Kunena in TorTags:

with kunena settings

Component name: com_kunena
Component table: #__kunena_topics
Id field: id
Title field name: subject
Description field name: last_post_message
Created field name: last_post_time
Url template: index.php?option=[COMPONENT]&view=topic&id=[ID]
Exceptions (views or tasks):


Step 2.

Change some files in Kunena:

2.1 Change template file components/com_kunena/template/blue_eagle/html/topic/default.php for display tags in the topics:

Need to add:

<div class="tt-kunena">
        if (isset($this->topic->id))
            echo JHTML::_('content.prepare','{tortags,'.$this->topic->id.',7}');

with kunena settings step 2.1


2.2 And  components/com_kunena/template/blue_eagle/html/topic/edit.php

with kunena settings step 2.2

Ver: TorTags 3.0. and Kunena 2.0.
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