Settings for Freestyle FAQs

Inctructions: TorTags configuration for Joomla FAQs


1. Go: Components -> TorTags -> Manage Components.

2. Click to "Create" button in toolbar.

3. Enter parameters, see picture below.

4. Click to "Save" button in toolbar.

5. Enable special settings in Freestyle FAQs configuration (see steps on second screenshot)

Example settings for Freestyle FAQ items:

Component name: com_fsf
Component table: #__fsf_faq_faq
Id field: id
Title field name: question
Description field name: answer
Created field name:
Url template: index.php?option=[COMPONENT]&view=faq&faqid=[ID]
Exceptions (views or tasks): glossarys, faqcat.edit

Required Freestyle FAQ configuration:

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