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Hooray, we did it. We releaseda new version.Now work withtagseven easier. We have added many useful features such asaliases, categories, styles, modules, languages...and many others. Also TorTags 3.0 is compatible with the new version of Joomla3.x

User friendly install/update interface.

User friendly install/update interface.

After installation you can see:

  • description of the component
  • current version
  • main links:
    • Manage settings for components
    • Tag management
    • Import/export
    • Set settings
    • About
  • changelog

New Menu

Now you can quickly go into the settings or other management components.

The menu consistsof 5 itemslisted in the previoussection.

New Menu
Manage Components. New interface.

Manage Components. New interface.

On this page administrators can see the list of settings for all configured components. Also displayed the fields such as:

  • Component name *
  • Component table *
    • Id field *
    • Title field name *
    • Description field name
    • Created field name
    • State field
    • State value
    • Admin request key
    • Front request key
  • Url template *
  • Exceptions (views or tasks)
  • Enable integration to editor
  • Language

Administrators can create a new(edit/remove) configurations for components.

Manage Components. New "Assigned tags table".

Now you can view a list of all added tags for each components element. Also available option to remove links for each element. On the page there is a filters on the tag and on the component, and also sort functions.
Manage Components. New Assigned tags table
Edit tags. New futures.

Edit tags. New futures.

On the edit pageof tags youcan see suchfieldsas:

  • Tag title *
  • Tag alias
  • Hits
  • Language
  • Status
  • Category
  • Description

And now you can add new adjacent tag to elements which used with current  tag.

New "Categories" section.

Now you can view a list of tags categories.
New Categories section.
New Import/Export section.

New Import/Export section.

Now you can importtags.You can importstandardmetakeywordofstandardJoomlaarticlesand vice versa.
Also, you can importtags frompreviouslyused componentsJoomlaTagor JXLabels.

New "Settings" section.

Section forthe component settingsare veryadvanced.You can configuremore partitions.
The main sections:

  • General settings
  • Style settings
  • Tags in elements
  • All tags page settings
  • Category page settings
  • SEF settings
  • Permissions
New Settings section.
New Styles.

New Styles.

Sinceappearance is veryimportant.We addednew styles.Now everyone canchoose a stylefor every taste.

New "Form for tags".

Tag addition now a lot easier. Also, now, you can multiple choose from existing tags.
New Form for tags.
Categories and tooltips

Categories & tooltips

A novelty iscategoriesfor tags.You can now assigntags tocertain categories.This allowsstructuredtags, andcreate multicategorieson your site.

New "Languages".

In the standard package of TorTags 6languages forthe component:
English,Russian, German,French, Spanishand Ukrainian.
New Languages.
New module. New module settings

New module. New module settings

We have updated themodules.Now everythingis faster andcentralized.Also addedlong awaitedmoduleto output the resultstoa specifictag.

And many many many options and futures...


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