3...2...1...GO! TorTags 3 is UPDATED!!!


tt 321 update

TorTags 3.2.1 is available for download!

3....2....1.... GO! Go update your TorTags!

Whats new?

  • New styles
  • One click [Package] installation
  • Synchronization(Import/Export) with Joomla native tags 3.x+!!!
  • New import from Virtuemart!!!
  • Now, work new feature for replace special symbols
  • Fix bug with ACL permissions
  • ...
  • New options in settings
  • Update format code
  • Fix, fix, fix bugs and create & create & create a new functional...



How to UPDATE your old version?

  1. Login here: http://tormix.com/login.html
  2. Go to Member Area Pro
  3. Download the latest vesion of TorTags (3.2.1)
  4. Unzip and update your TorTags elements "step by step" or "package" install (see readme.txt)
* Note: If you changed a styles of tags then before update do a backup of styles, please


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