Get TorTags 2.5 for FREE!!!

present tortags 25Hello, my dear friend!
Now I'll tell you how you can get version 2.5 for absolutely free!

If you have not seen the differences between the versions, you can see it here

If you haven't registered on JED, then please create a new account. It takes about 3 minutes.



So, how to getTorTags 2.5 [free] :

1. Write a great review [?????] on JED ( for TorTags 1.3.5 which you can download here, or watch a demo here )

2. Send to us your nickname under which the you post a review.

After publishing of your review we'll send to you the latest version TorTags 2.5.
P.s. And if you want, you can continue upgrade 2.5 to 3.0 version for only $14.70



Attention in accordance with the rules of JED!

This promotion is not valid.

We're very sorry, but we're still be glad to your positive reviews!



Thank You! Happy Tagging!


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